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I believe in 4 keys to good health: fitness, food, sleep and social interaction.
Encouraging functional movement to improve quality of life

U Plus Fitness uses the newest techniques and multiple disciplines in personal training to make sure YOU get the best results. As a Certified Personal Trainer and Senior Fitness Specialist, I am trained to assess YOU and customize fitness programs. The four core aspects of training that I focus on are: FREQUENCY, INTENSITY, TIME and TYPE. This type of training is designed for all ages no matter how much experience you have at the gym. I make sure you work at your own pace and challenge you every step of the way. I pride myself on having the healthiest way of training along with the fastest results.

  • PWR! Moves Instructor
  • ASEP Coach
  • Schwinn Cycle Instructor


I am passionate about helping people reach their goals. An active lifestyle has been proven to improve your mood, control weight, boost energy and combat health conditions. My training is customized for each individual based on their abilities and needs. And it is a joy to see them improve their quality of life. That's what gets me up in the morning.
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David Wittenstein

Certified Personal Trainer, Senior Fitness Specialist, Group Instructor and Coach
David is very passionate about helping people live better.


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